I am pretty sure my art career would have never happened if I hadn’t needed brain surgery.
— Mary Elizabeth Peterson
DSC03346 - Version 5

What collectors and others say...

I’ve started paying attention to abstract art since seeing your work.
The more art I see, the more I believe that your work is truly exceptional. Brava!
I’ve been meaning to take a picture of how beautiful your painting is in my home. I regret buying the print for the other room because your work is way too good to not have the original! I must work on adding to my collection!
ME’s art creates a passionate dialogue of creativity and transports the viewer into places that can be enjoyed both in residential and commercial spaces. When you work with her you feel an immediate connection, that is authentic and wrapped in her true integrity.
ME’s works are breathtaking. Each is different, but there’s a familiar feel you want to study and keep in your company. We love selling her works to collectors and seeing what she’s being inspired by and working on next.